Friday, March 30, 2007

Sebahagian Daripada Diriku

Salam, Hey there. Inilah page saya yang tak seberapa. Selamat Datang. I would like to introduce you to my another half/part of myself. I can be seen at another page also. Where most of my piece of fine art & photography collection will be displayed.

Sudikanlah singgah ke sana jua yeah.

I'm not that good at writing. Kebiasaannya, sememangnya saya banyak mulut orangnya. Ada sahaja idea dan bahan yang nak diceritakan. Daripada satu topic sampailah berpusing-pusing topic lain, sampai lah datang semula ke topic yang asal. (haha). But, I'd like to try my talent in writing pula. Mana tau menjadi. Lets see how it goes.

Why writing? I am a code writer. So, at most of the times, I'd see formulas & calculations. Yup, I knew, its far different compared to writing a blog. My main reason is easy: I felt that, sometimes kita merasakan, menulis lebih baik daripada bercakap. (hmm). Don't you think so?

Lets give it a try first lah, yeah, and as I said, lets see how it goes.

If I feel that free to write & share thoughts with others, I'll try to write it with my very own way & style.

We'll meet again later.


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