Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Back To Work

It's already two days of hectic day.. Today had to stay back quite late - to settle few important things in office before the upcoming public holidays. We were the last person to leave the office. Came home, I had lots of home office works to settle, emails to check, my fotopages, the online community.. and countless things to check.

And we haven't had any specific plan yet for this coming rest days. Probably, will have to settle few other things which still haven't settled yet during my recent long break.

I really miss the days spent with my Aisyah during the break. Seronok melayan celoteh Aisyah yang dah pandai berbual bagaikan orang tua - macam mak nenek.. hehe. Bila terkenangkan Aisyah, membuatkan daku bersemangat berkerja lebih rajin, lebih kuat, lebih daripada segalanya.. semuanya untuk Aisyah & our family. Bila tension, cepat-cepat diingatkan kembali kenapa dan mengapa daku perlu berkerja serajin begini.

I am super woman, hehe. After all, I love being like this : busy + feel needed & important by people around me.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Semoga Rohnya Dicucuri Rahmat

Ayah Ngah pergi menyahut seruan Ilahi jam 11.30 malam tadi. Abah, Iwan (my big bro) & Yuyu (my lil sis) travel back to Kelantan last night after being informed bout the news.

Me, my lil bro Ija & my sis Wani couldn't go back. Ija & Wani can't take leave. While me, my lil Aisyah is in KL, and I can't take her along.

Sedih sangat. I cried when I heard bout the news from my cousin. Our family memang rapat sangat. That's why kehilangan itu amat dirasai. Anyway, our doa for arwah, may his soul rest in peace, semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat.

Al Fatihah.

Monday, April 16, 2007

My 1st Day of the Long Break

Ini muka mak & anak yg kehilangan papa/hubby nye sebab hubbynya dok busy snappo KLCC Twin Tower yg diselubungi kabus selepas hujan tengahari semalam. haha.

We were there to get few things kat Kinokuniya. Sempat lah melayan Aisyah belek-belek & buat sepah kat area kids reading items there.

After the rain stopped, we were planned to bring Aisyah to the kids pool there, tapi, tak jadi coz it still under maintenance. The thing is, Aisyah dah meragam nak jugak mandi kolam. Ada ka dia ajak nak mandi kat fountain tuh... Aiyar... fenin nak pujuk dia...

Luckily Papanya pandai pujuk.. Pujuk punya pujuk.. Dapat gak kami pulang ke rumah dengan senang hatinya.. We had our dinner at home, and continue melepak tgk TV... yeayyy... best nye bermalasan di rumah!

BiG Gathering

Organised at Lake Garden Kuala Lumpur on last Sunny-day morning; it was a very BiG event which gathered: BiG numbers of mommies & daddies from Fotopages community, BiG numbers of photograhers from School of Photography Candid Syndrome, and of course, BiG numbers of kids!

BiG applause to Madam O aka Azza for the BiG & 'madness' ideas. Tak kusangka menjadi kenyataan.. Syukur alhamdullillah..

Myself, hubby & Aisyah balik rumah terus 'pengsan' tidur sampai jam petang before we get prepared for another event - paying visit to a family relatives in Kelana Jaya. A newborn baby - and a new member in the BiG family.. welcome to the family.. Baby Damian... Congrates to my cousin & wife.

More pictures uploaded at

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hectic Weeks

It has been a very hectic, cracking head weeks for me... But I've tried to transform the stressful days & nights (mid nite call from office) into an enjoyable days.. motivating myself, huh.

I'm counting my days for this BiG day. Can't wait for it. Wait yeah..

Then, I will be a very long break - shut off my mind & sould from office works. Bermalasan di rumah..

Tomorrow will be the last working day this week. And, lots of pending things suddenly coming up need to settle by tom. Everyone was.. "Siti..!" and "Siti..!" and "Siti.....!" again.. aiyar...

Okay, continue again tom. and see how hectic gonna be my day then.

See ya.

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