Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Back To Work

It's already two days of hectic day.. Today had to stay back quite late - to settle few important things in office before the upcoming public holidays. We were the last person to leave the office. Came home, I had lots of home office works to settle, emails to check, my fotopages, the online community.. and countless things to check.

And we haven't had any specific plan yet for this coming rest days. Probably, will have to settle few other things which still haven't settled yet during my recent long break.

I really miss the days spent with my Aisyah during the break. Seronok melayan celoteh Aisyah yang dah pandai berbual bagaikan orang tua - macam mak nenek.. hehe. Bila terkenangkan Aisyah, membuatkan daku bersemangat berkerja lebih rajin, lebih kuat, lebih daripada segalanya.. semuanya untuk Aisyah & our family. Bila tension, cepat-cepat diingatkan kembali kenapa dan mengapa daku perlu berkerja serajin begini.

I am super woman, hehe. After all, I love being like this : busy + feel needed & important by people around me.


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