Saturday, May 12, 2007

Flower Girl-to-be

That's Aisyah at a relatives wedding that we've attended in Bangi last week. Though she was not the official flower girl at that wedding that day, but, her dress is more
cantik than the actual girl.. haha.. Perasan je lebey mama ni.

The upcoming wedding to attend to is my brother's big day.. this coming June. And Aisyah would be one of the main flower girl..

Since Aisyah memang suka sangat melaram, so, I've planned & had started preparing something for her to wear on that day. Wait & see yeah.. Other than that, I've been 'instructed' to prepare a muffin cake for 300 special guests on the big day. hoh, gonna take few days break from other works, and been a full time chef! hehe.

So, tomorrow gonna be a Mother's Day celebration globally... Wishing a happy & great day for all mothers out there...

C ya!


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