Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Funland Girl

Aisyah memang pantang kalau jumpa funland or playground. Berilah masa 2-3 hours pun, bukan dia makin jemu.... malah, semakin active bermain dengan kanak-kanak lain.

We were thought to have a mini playground kat laman rumah.. but, nanti, tak nak masuk rumah pula.. hehe.

Playground/funland ni umpama syurga la bagi kanak-kanak esp. my Aisyah.. Last weekend, ada pertandingan mewarna di sebuah shopping complex nih. Kebetulan lokasi pertandingan adalah bersebelahan dengan funland tersebut. I can say that Aisyah was the youngest kids participated in the contest.. tak valid pun, sebab under age. hehe. But anyway, we had fun, sebab it was 1st time she participated in such open contest macam tuh. Photos will be uploaded later.

Till then, take care.


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