Saturday, June 16, 2007

Flash Flood

I've been called from office on last Sunday midnite reported that our office building and it entire area encountered a power failure. Worst case is, it affect our server rooms there. We actually already faced a couple of power failures within these three weeks recently due to the TNB power shortage in our office area. And the last Sunday night flash flood in KL had really affected & caused such a disaster to us.

I had to climb up to my office on Monday morning, and gosh! we had to stay in darkness - no power, no air cond, no fresh air, no lights. The best part is; no work! Me & my mate wanted to walk off and probably have a teh tarik at the mamak stall there. But, they claimed that all the stalls there are full house.. coz the entire area also no power supply. Further checked found out that the TNB substation located next to our building 'koyak' already..

So that horrible half day Monday had to close 'shop' for a while. My meeting with team & vendors, and testing with the users had to postponed to some other fine day - which to be confirmed later.

Poor my vendor that he had to make a U-turn which caused him a 1 hour trip all around... back to his office.

When I write this entry, it is heavy raining outside there.. at 2:04 in the morning... fuhh... hope I did not get any call tomorrow stating that there is power failure again in office.


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