Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Best date today, tak nak lepaskan peluang update blog juga. Pd hal bz banget nih. Oh yea, our wedding anniversary is coming up soon, yeayyy sunggoh excited. Skrg tgh bz nk nyiapkan album design for clients, siang mlm berjaga.... nih mata pon dah tak larat nak bukak dah. Skit lagi.

Tuh baru citer bz kat umah, nih belum kira lagi bz haku kat opis, dah sampai tahap x vley nak kater hape2...

Okay photo gallery updated already; ada coming soon photo of d covered event since 0108 till 1508, Dah, hardly open my eyes...

Take Care,

Raikan Chinta,
Siti Ruzaimah Photogaphy


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