Sunday, September 14, 2008

Enida & Elyzze (Pirates Bday Party | Bkt Kiara Equin Golf Club)


The event took place on 30th Aug, and again, I became the official photog for this well known family, for their beloved princesses bday party; 10th & 11th years old at their fav venue; Bkt Kiara Equin Golf Club. The rest of photos remain as private.

There were lots of games for the kids, sampaikan semuanya dah tak larat... "huh, games again?" ahahaha. The venue, foods all about it are awesome. They had a great event management too, fully organised by the team. Nak details, buzz me, yeah.

Kay, enjoy the photos....

Raikan Chinta,
Siti Ruzaimah Ghazali


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