Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Aisyah is big 5 this 4th Dec

Assallammualaikum, Hai.

Yea, my baby girl dah nak sambut bday nya ke 5 tahun dah within these two days. Sekejap nye masa berlalu. Terasa bagai semalam jer discharged dpd maternity ward. Usually, I put up my official photography works here for review. And my personal daily matters at my Facebook or my blog.

But this special one, can't resist. Very much special & meant a lot to me & my loved one. So that's why I put it up every where, kat YM, Facebook.. forums.. huhu.. So that everyone I know wud know this special day has come. Aisyah sdg bercuti dpd sesi persekolahan tadikanya bersama atuk & nenek d kg. So, thn nih, we gonna horray & buat bising2 kat kampung.. huhu

Well, not many know that I started my passion in photography almost as old as Aisyah's age. Yeah, pandai.... in my old days, my main subject was to capture Aisyah's development progress. Then slowly I discoverred other subjects & more and more interest in learning dis subject called; photography.

And to cut it short, here I am..... Still learning & discover new things around me. And of course, Aisyah is still my main subject & inspiration. So parents out there.. never to late to discover new things & new ability.. che wah.. nak bg kata semangat nih. All d best to all of us... I know many of ppl around me pon yg dulu x pernah pegang tepung, dah pandai buat kek skrg.. yg dulu x pandai pegang jarum, dah pandai jahit menjahit.. ha... kan bagus tuh.. a new revolution..

Ha, kan dah lari topic. So pendek kata, semoga Aisyah membesar menjadi insan yg dia suka jadi... explore her inner strength & ability. ermm, nampak mcm dia suka muzik lah. camne ek? Mana tau leh jadik d youngest orchestra conductor? joking...

Sama-sama doakan anak kesayangan kami membesar sihat, cergas, bijak, berilmu dan patuh pd ibu bapa nya ye, amin.

Kay, di kesempatan ini, d ucapkan Selamat Menyambut Aidil Adha yg bakal tiba... Hati-hati memandu pulang ke kg halaman, ingatlah insan yg tersayang.


-Siti Ruzaimah-


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