Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bahariah Luv Hazra (Wedding | Desa Pandan & Kinrara, KL)

This is my youngest sister's wedding. The last girl in our family to get married. Now, left alone my youngest brother single & available. The event took place at my father's house and the groom's family side event held at his parents place.

Although its tiring of being part of the crew of the event as well as official photog, at least myself & hubby can serve for the couple & capture our family event at the same time. Plus, they doesn't need to think of searching for other team.

The wedding took part on 27th Feb (Nikah), 28th Feb (Reception), and 1st Mar (Bertandang). You can imagine, how struggle we were.

So, its done smoothly, although cuaca tiap-tiap hari hujan; hujan rahmat..

Kay, enjoy some of the photos taken during the 1 day & 2 nights event.

Raikan Cinta,
Siti Ruzaimah
The Photographer


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