Thursday, July 9, 2009

Iris (1st Bday Bash | Gymboree)


Thanks zillion to Rita, mommy to d cute lil baby girl; Iris who turned 1 year old last weekend. D event took place at Iris weekly class; Gymboree which located at Bangsar Village. This is among d best place for early stage development for your child, class start from newborn to 7 years old. I reached there early that day, so I got to see how was the class been conducted. It was really interesting & enjoyable. Highly recommended!

The party went well, cuma, Iris sedikit meragam sbb timing semua dah out of frame, so dia dah penat & ngantuk, thats y dia x de mood skit at certain part esp when she got to meet the clown ehe.

Anyway, overall, it was joyful moment, & such a memorable one. I'm now working on the album design, parents Iris mahukan something special utk memorikan 1st bday bash nih. I'll try my best.

More photos can be found here

Celebrate Luv,
Siti Ruzaimah Ghazali


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