Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nik Khairun Nisa & Amir's Engagement

Horrey.... another engagement day...! You know, beautiful Nisa is a cousin to Iffa; as you can see in the previous engagement blog entry. And she is also Nunu's cousin; the person I owe a lot.. for making these assignments became a reality. Thanks a lot.

And of course, congrats to Nisa & Amir on your engagement. These are some of the photos taken during your special day. I really hope you would like it. :)

Kay, enjoy the photos....

Monday, October 26, 2009

Reunion Bekas Pelajar Melayu Klang

These are among the photos taken during the event held at Carlton Holiday Shah Alam to reunited the ex-Malay student in Klang, Selangor - Bekas Pelajar Melayu Klang.

the committee members for this year event.

the performer of the day

among the ex-student & guests attended the event

the prize giving

among the winner.. joyful winner :D

part of the games

the president of the event this time

the speech from Tan Sri..

And here is a sneak preview of the next blog entry:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In Pa&Ma Nov Edition

Alhamdulillah... my client SMS me yesterday, informed me to get the latest Pa&Ma magz from the nearest book store. We actually already been told nearly months ago beforehand bout this. So thats why we were so eager to wait for the actual print before we could announced it.

Come closer.. tada..! Let me introduce... Amer Haqem & Amer Hazem; kak Siti Nor's identical twin son. The photos were taken way back in few months ago; during an outdoor photo session with me in Melaka. When kak Siti Nor told me that the editor loves the photos, I felt so excited and of course so eager to read the miracle stories of the twin's birth in the most favourable parenting magazine in the country.

To read more on the stories, get the magazine now.. and dun missed it! :)

For more inquiries on kids or family portraiture package, you may call me at 017 211 2517 or email me at

Till then, take care & enjoy the photos...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hirda & Hafiz's Engagement!

Tidak meriah Aidilfitri kali ini tanpa majlis meraikan dua hati menjadi satu. Teknologi dan komunikasi di ruang cyber sedikit sebanyak mendekatkan hati dua insan bercinta ini. Tahniah diucapkan kepada Hirda dan Hafiz di atas majlis pertunangan yang berlangsung semalam. Dan turut sama diraikan, ulang tahun kelahiran Hirda yang ke-21. Yeaaaaaaayyy.. double celebration lah kiranya ini. Bercampur baur emosi si gadis manis ini; bahagia dan terharu. Apapun, didoakan agar Hirda dan Hafiz bahagia ke jinjang pelamin kelak, amin.

Tahniah once again from all of us. :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Design Work In Progress : Siti Aishah

Below is one of the work that currently in progress. Hope the client will like it. This is just 10% of it. Wish me luck...! :)

Ikhwan Hakim - Pre Portraiture

The session supposed to take place at other location. However, since it was heavy rain during the time arranged, we had a tea break at Hakim's home sweet home. Its actually a pre session, and the actual session will take place soonest as discussed.

Below are some of the moment captured. And guessed what, it was Kim's 1st attempt to a professional photographer photo capture. And it was quite surprised that he like it..!

See you soon, yeah.

Kim and his moody + cheeky faces.. so cute..

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