Saturday, December 12, 2009

Madiha Bday Bash

1st of all, sorry to Diana sbb terlambat upload entry nih. Finally, I managed to upload it today... yeaaaayyy... :D

I wonder, Ajaq ada jersy dgn namanya sendirik... 14.. whats d number meant for, yeah? N d bday girl; Madiha is as cutest as ever... she looks so adorable in that white long dress. :) N yeah, Afiq.. as cutest ever too.. with his hanging here n there.... dia nanges2 tuh sbb x dpt lepas bebas tuuh ehe
Well, cousin2 Madiha pon cute2 gak.... :)
Tgk tuuh.. happy Afiq dpt lepas bebas ke sana ke mari... :)
cute kan? :)
n here we go... d gojes mommies attended d party dat day.... glad to meet all of u :D
hp bday dear.....
part of d food served.. yummmmilicious
diha n one of her best fren..
adorable diha with her cute pose
n yeah.. its d wedding anniversary for d parents; Diana & Ajaq on d same day too... semoga lovey dovey senantiasa ye...
ada games gak tau.... I geram jer nak join d games huhu
byk presents yg diha dpt... n afiq menten ensem comei as usual
skalik tuh byk lagih comei2.... ahahaha
cake pon dah tinggai half... guests pon dah makin ramai... maka kena lah ganti lampu depan tuh yg x nyala2 ehe
last but not least.... inilah family diha belah papanya.... what a happy family :)


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