Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nattasha (Persalinan Raja Sehari)

This is part of the dress wore by Nattasha on her wedding day. Its kind of interesting coz in certain place, this tradition has not been done anymore. Well, in Malacca where this wedding took place, most of d brides will still count this as part of d main agenda of d wedding day.

Of all the dress, I like d Malacca's Sanggul Lintang and d Indian dress. Lots of jeweleries!

Make up by kak Wiwin

Hardworking brothers & sister

Adorable Nattasha, I like this pose.

The heroes!

Jawa dress ala Puteri Gunung Ledang

With beloved Mom

Tada, d Malacca's Sanggul Lintang

With beloved aunty.

I hope u enjoy viewing d photos. I'm currently in progress of finalizing d design for Nattasha's wedding album. Stay tune for more photos update!

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