Thursday, February 7, 2013

Z Junior 3rd Edition

As Salam,

Lama tak update blog sendiri. Yep, busy with family & beloved ones. Since I had my 2nd child, I've been super busy with daily routine and now that my little baby has grown up to a handsome cheeky lil boy.  Ziyad is 2 years old now, my mission to breastfeeding him for at least 2 years has been accomplished. Alhamdulillah, we are blessed with beautiful children & ease of life. May Allah swt will protect them.

And, to top up with my recent excitement of celebrating my birthday on 3rd January, I found out that I'm expecting another child. So at the moment, I'm struggling with the so called morning sickness & smell madness. I know that I'll get thru this in no time, may He will protect me & the little one in there.

Thats for now, enjoy life & our beautiful peaceful country. Let us ensure, our children & next generation will also be able to feel the calmness & the uniqueness of Malaysia.

Wassalam - Sayonara.


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